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Copyright © 2005-2018 for the entire content of this website (in all its domains), is vested in the owner and administrator. Intellectual property rights pertaining to this website and all its contents should be properly and responsibly observed. The bulk of materials, definitions, concepts, terminology and articles is originally taken, excerpted and derived from the author's publications, articles and research.

However, the user is allowed to republish, copy, reproduce or print a reasonable amount of material from the site for his/her personal use, acknowledging and citing this site as the source. It is neither allowable nor acceptable to copy, republish, or print the same in whole without a prior written permission and authorization from the author. Even when permission is granted, the site must be cited as the source. If the information is transformed by the user (e.g. by seasonal adjustment of statistical data, calculation of growth rates) this must be unambiguously stated. When linking to this website from business sites or for promotional purposes, this website must be the sole element of the browser’s window (i.e. must not appear within another website's frame).

Requests for further authorizations for proposed usage of the material on this site should be addressed to the editor:

Online, please see: editor.

By mail:

Mohammad Majd Bakir

P.O. Box 75365, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain

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