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Author and Editor

Majd BakirMajd works as a financial writer and editor (part-time and freelance), whilst his full-time career revolves around financial and technical analysis, consulting, and research. He has more than 15 years of experience in banking and finance.

He has many published works in the areas of interest and specilization.


  • Bachelor Degree in Economics.
  • Advanced Diploma in Business Administration
  • Master of Science-Finance (DePaul)

Author of:

  • Investment Portfolios: Management and Strategies (Arabic 2008).
  • Islamic Finance and Banking: Principles and Applications (Arabic 2016).
  • Islamic Finance and Banking: Principles and Applications (English 2016).
  • Modern Banking in Practice (in the pipeline).
  • Islamic Derivatives: Risk Management and Beyond (in the pipeline).

Readers and visitors are welcome to share their comments and suggestions with the editor. Constructive advice and remarks (and even questions) are welcome and will be incorporated in any likely revisions to website contents (please use contact form).

Editor's email: majd@financialencyclopedia.net

* For latest entries, kindly check the website's twitter timeline at twitter.com/invest_fin.

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